The Best Apps when Travelling to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its fast food culture, from local teahouses to cozy noodle joints, so join us on a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong! Life in China gets easier and easier with the apps on your smart phones, so we’ll tell you which ones you need to download if you’re going to be here. Here we highlight the best apps for Hong Kong travel, in addition to food apps.


From navigating Hong Kong’s modes of transportation, to ordering takeaway food, these are the most useful apps if you are here for the weekend, and as an added bonus, most are available in English as well as Chinese. If you are a frequent visitor you probably know that it is one of the most exciting cities, although some can find it overwhelming, which is why modern technology is here to help them navigate this bustling metropolis. Here are some apps to help you, whether you want to check out practical information about public transportation, or just see what’s around you.


Hong Kong is a city that will leave quite an impression on you as some parts are really modern, although in others the odds of running into someone that can speak English are slim, so check out our list with a couple of apps that we often use and long live the modern technology. Where would we be without our smart phones to sort out our transportation and use of online maps? Our top picks to make life easier include MTR, apps to monitor air quality, apps for food delivery, restaurant booking as well as meeting new friends.In this list we’ll direct you towards some Android apps, so make sure you download these apps before you start your vacation!


  1. MTR Mobile

For small distances a taxi can be convenient, but for longer distances we recommend the metro system which is super efficient and the MTR app where you can find exactly per station what kind of things are there, so download it as soon as possible. You wouldn’t imagine that Hong Kong’s subway system could be made any more convenient, but there’s a neat Trip Planner where you can choose any two stations to find out how much it will cost, for free.


  1. My Hong Kong Guide

Make the most of your trip no matter where you are, as you can get nearby recommendations, the latest e-coupon offers and tools to help you plan your itinerary, as well as start a live chat right on the app. This is the official app from the Hong Kong Tourism Board with more than 1,800 attractions featured; including addresses to websites, plus you can search through other people’s multi-day guides, before tweaking with friends.


  1. csl Wi-Fi

You can also check out the Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card on this app developed by Hong Kong Telecommunications.


  1. Chope

There are regular discounts to be found on Chope.


  1. XE Currency

In this app you can calculate the Hong Kong Dollars at any given moment.

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