Hong Kong’s amazing Fast Food Restaurants

Many people are more conscious nowadays as healthier options are increasingly popular, making their way into fast food restaurants, according to research firm YouGov, so almost 40% of survey respondents visit fast food restaurants, although almost 9 in 10 are also aware of the importance of healthy eating. If you are on a business trip, we are sure that Cantonese food will appeal to you, although you can find cuisines from all across the country. Hong Kong is home to some exciting street food as well, so fuel up with our guide to the best snacks under $50.


Fast-pace life means getting used to the fast food when time is pressed, although it is associated with malnutrition. But even if you are a more sophisticated diner aided by higher disposable income, turning to mid- to high-end Cantonese fast food restaurants will result in plenty attractive alternatives. We all know that Hong Kong is a famously expensive city, the most expensive in Asia, but you can forget the luxury side of things, as you can still eat well with our list of the best cheap fast foods.


Hereunder are our recommendations of fast food restaurants, so have a pick from our list of popular ones or get delivery and enjoy your favorite burger or noodles. As the attraction of Hong Kong culture fades, chains like Cafe de Coral charge about the same for their food as they do at home, although mainland income levels are lower than in Hong Kong. Business continues to boom in Hong Kong and on the expanding mainland-China markets, and several Chinese-style fast-food companies are competing in the market place.


  1. Lan Fong Yuen

The birthplace of the famous “silk stocking” milk tea, the iconic Lan Fong Yuen is located on Gage Street, so even if you only have space for one dish, get there, grab some comfort food and you’ll thank us later.


  1. Tsui Wah

You’ll certainly feel the food here is quite tasty if ordering one of the establishment’s signature dishes which is able to give you a rare glimpse of life in Hong Kong.


  1. Cafe de Coral

Cafe de Coral is one of Hong Kong’s most popular fast-food chains which has been having short-term strategy adjustments in order to increase its success, and is able to to accommodate the varying tastes of China, with a quality menu that appeals to mainland customers.


  1. Fairwood

Fairwood is one of Hong Kong’s most popular, with 137 outlets, a chain which serves Chinese dishes in comfortable surroundings.


  1. Burger Home

Located in Wan Chai, this homegrown tiny burger joint serves crispy fries and fresh handmade patties, and you can add fresh tomatoes, some lettuce and you’re in for a juicy delight with a bacon pineapple burger which it’s hard to nail perfectly.


  1. Yee Shun Milk Company

The temptations are endless, but one bite of the Steamed Milk in Two Films will turn you into a believer on Lockhard Road and you can also try a bowl of steamed milk pudding.

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