About us

The history of Subway restaurants starts with Fred Deluca from Bridgeport, USA, who had dreams of attending college but regardless of his competence, the $1.25-per-hour he earned wasn’t enough and discouraged him. A family friend, Dr. Buck gave Fred an idea of opening a submarine sandwich shop, and although at first he was skeptical, he hoped that it could finance Fred’s future education, so that night, they formed a partnership. From that day on Fred and Pete had a goal of opening 32 submarine sandwich shops and by 1974, Fred and Pete owned sixteen shops, only halfway to their goal, so talk turned to franchising, as they were determined to succeed. He offered a friend a loan, but to sweeten the deal, he could return it, and that is how he became known as the very first Subway franchisee, enabling Pete and Fred to reach their goal, and becoming, today, the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain.